Double G

The title of Double G’s debut mixtape is the best description to give to this up and coming New Orleans artist, he is simply “Just Uptown.” The environment of an artist’s upbringing has a tremendous effect on the story that they tell and Double G hails from the same part of one of the worst cities in the world that No Limit and Cash Money Records educated the world to. To some the everyday reality may seem like something out of a movie, but residents just shrug it off because that’s just uptown. Double G showcases the talent of being a storyteller for the streets much in the same way as the legendary icon Soulja Slim was poised to do before his untimely demise.

Life experiences such as an unfortunate run in with the law as well as the loss of his brother are steady themes in Double G’s music and he has the gift of taking the listener right there with him through joy, pain, and New Orleans’ unique way of partying.
Currently, Double G is back in the studio putting the finishing touches on his latest project “Just Uptown: The Album,” after the local success of “Just Uptown.” His non-fictionalized tales will reenergize fans of his first project and bring more to recognize his gift. Many will see it as some of the realest lyrics ever written, but it’s just uptown.

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