Don Flamingo

Being resilient in any undertaking is a talent that few may know but has become a moniker and inspiration for Donald Allen III, previously known as, the SHOW of New Orleans, Louisiana, emerging as DON FLAMINGO. Coming from a city such as New Orleans, which is known for genres such as jazz, zydeco, blues, brass bands, and hip hop forming a musical legacy as unique as the soup this treasure is known for. When a southern rapper boasts of a resume that includes being associated with acts such as T.I., Scarface, Mannie Fresh, BG, and Lil Wayne while being named a BET Music Matters featured artist opening the BET Awards Music Matters Showcase as a part of the New Orleans super group, The Rap Pack, you would expect that artist to be a household name. Factor in cosigns from projects with other local staples like The Chopper City Boyz, Juvenile, C-Murder, Ace B and the New No Limit, and DON FLAMINGO should be the face of the business of music in New Orleans, but there’s no business like SHOW business and the SHOW must go on!

Releasing his ambitious Neva Say Die Series scheduled to release an EP of new music every month throughout 2016, Don Flamingo is no stranger to standing out amongst a crowd. This project is reminiscent of 2011’s EGMG Saturdays where a new freestyle was released every Saturday throughout the summer in anticipation of the final installment of the Downman on Back mixtape series. This time around, DON FLAMINGO isn’t getting ready for another major release through the independent East Gang Music Group, but merely showcasing his never ending resolve. 80s babies will appreciate the invocation to the 1985 classic the Goonies. The EP series will also boast of being composed entirely of songs with no names purposely done to focus listeners on the music. Future video releases will have titles for the showcased tracks, but which songs on which volumes EGMG is being very tightlipped about. This is the two time NOLA Hip Hop Awards Lyrist of the Year at his best, allowing his content and delivery to speak to listeners and encourage a scavenger hunt that may garner attention to hidden gems throughout the series.

DON FLAMINGO explains his mission in hip hop by stating “every rap artist has a similar story; growing up with no father, mom was a single parent so you learn from the streets, but when I put my twist to it, I create a variation of that story and make it my own.” Even the steps that DON FLAMINGO has taken to get to this point create a variation furthering the point; there’s no business like SHOW business. From his introduction to rap in 1995 via a poem dedicated to the memory of his deceased father, it was always the reception of his projects that kept DON FLAMINGO going. This reception allowed a joy to become a hobby, a hobby to transform to a talent, and a talent into a business. Now the business has come full circle back to a joy and because the SHOW must go on, the emergence of DON FLAMINGO is a friendly reminder to #NevaSayDie.

Don Flamingo Discography